Why is my check engine light flashing?










The check engine light is known as a pain to many drivers.  Seeing that amber light pop up lets, you know your car needs attention.  The check engine light appearing itself isn’t a death sentence.  A lit check engine light is vague, so it could indicate something as small as a loose gas cap or something more severe like a misfire or bad o2 sensor.  What about when your check engine light is flashing?

Unfortunately, a flashing check engine light indicates you have a more serious problem.  The most significant difference between a solid check engine light and a flashing light is urgency and severity!   Less experienced drivers may ignore a check engine light because of how wide-ranging the issue could be, but if your check engine begins to blink, it’s a problem you can’t ignore.  If your check engine light is flashing, we highly recommend you pull over and have your vehicle towed to a mechanic you trust.  Typically, a flashing light indicates an engine misfire issue, especially if you notice your car running rough or sluggishly.  

As you’ve learned today, a flashing engine light must be taken seriously for the protection of you and your vehicle.  There’s no way to know the exact issue regarding a flashing light, so we recommend taking your vehicle to an ASE-certified shop.  For auto service, you can trust in Ashland, Virginia; look no further than Ferber’s Tire and Auto, where we can handle any of your automotive needs!