Why does my Hyundai steering wheel click when I turn it?

Many Hyundai models manufactured from 07-15 have a built-in issue that may cause problems down the road.  For many Hyundais and some Kias, there are common reports of clicking while turning the steering wheel to the left or right.  While there can always be other root causes, the most likely culprit is the steering coupler.

Located between the power steering motor and steering column, the OEM coupler provided by Hyundai and Kia is made of rubber.  Due to the material used, over time, from wear and tear, the coupler begins to degrade.  You shouldn’t have to replace the entire steering column, but you have to gain access to the column, which requires a bit of labor.  If your car was manufactured in the previous decade and you hear a click when you steer, bring your vehicle to a trusted mechanic before the damage can worsen.