What's the difference between the upper and lower radiator hose?

The radiator hose is an essential part of your cooling system that manages the flow of coolant from your water pump to the heater. Your radiator hose is a rubber device that removes excess heat from the coolant before it goes back to your engine to repeat the cycle again. There are two types of radiator hoses, upper and lower. These parts aren’t interchangeable and come in different length and shapes.

The upper radiator hose:

  • Primarily a pressure hose
  • Connects the engine to the radiator
  • Where the hot coolant enters the radiator from the engine

The lower radiator hose:

  • Primarily a suction hose
  • Contains a wound wire spring on the inside of the hose to prevent collapsing
  • Connected to the bottom of the radiator and the pump of the engine.

While both hoses transport coolant and made from synthetic rubber they have different roles within the cooling system. To ensure proper working condition, bring your vehicle to Ferber’s Tire and Auto for a coolant inspection.