Should I repair or replace my car?

With the current economic environment, the price of new and used cars is climbing! These conditions make it vital that you weigh every pro and con before you decide to repair or replace your vehicle. You have a car you love, and a costly repair pops up. So, you must make that difficult decision, do I repair or replace my vehicle?

Let's start with repair. Repairing your vehicle provides many benefits. It's much cheaper to repair a car than to purchase a new one, which will most likely require monthly payments for the following years. You'll save money on expenses, and the cost of insurance stays at its current level. Vehicles depreciate immediately and over time. With your current car, you've already taken those losses.  
Chances are, if it's a vehicle you've had for a while, you have many memories and have developed a sentimental bond with the car over time. If that love makes any repair worth it, you should go for it, but beware of letting it sway your opinion too far.  
So what about the other side of this choice? With the prices of new vehicles, we understand the hesitation to buy another car, used or new. At the same time, we love having new things, so some people will look for a reason to buy a new vehicle, and a pricey repair provides that. Just like being sentimental can cost you in the long run, prioritizing a want over a need can do the same.
One of the biggest perks of buying a new car is the perks and peace of mind. Heated seats, new touch screen features, and perfect AC can be very enticing and challenging to pass up. Knowing you have a vehicle in excellent condition that won't break down is huge stress relief. If you find yourself repeatedly sinking money into your car repair issues in the shop, it may be time to replace your vehicle.
As a significant investment, it can be a hard decision to repair or replace your vehicle. With all these variables to pick from, it's more important than ever that you take the time to make the right choice. For an expert opinion you can trust, head to a reputable shop such as Ferber's Tire and Auto.