Five tips to keep rodents out of your car

Five tips to keep rodents out of your car


We spend hard-earned money to purchase and maintain our vehicles.  In a short period of time, small animals can enter your car and do significant damage.  Rats, Opossums, cats, rabbits, squirrels, and other animals use our vehicle for warmth, protection, and a place to birth their young.  Unfortunately for us, the heating ducts, air ducts, engine, and undercarriage give them plenty of space to work with.  Not only do our cars provide the space, but insulation, ducting, carpet, and foam provide materials for creatures to build a nest at your expense.  With this hassle, how do you keep

Pay attention to your surroundings: Keep your driveway clear of trash, leaves, and other materials that may attract any animals to your spot.  Make sure to avoid having any dog food or other food items in your garage.  Just like you protect the outside, protect the inside, making sure you don't have any loose French fries or other foods that lure the critters.  Urine, droppings, damaged belts, and wires, scratches can all inform you of signs of an animal!

Use your hood: Before starting your car, knock on the hood to alert any sleeping animals and potentially remove them before you're driving and it's too late.  Opening your hood after driving can help dissipate the heat from the engine, making it less inviting to rodents.  Not only will you cool the engine, but you can use this opportunity to inspect for any chewed wires or other signs of animals.

Secure your vehicle: Small animals will use any hole to gain entrance to your car.  Make sure your undercarriage is clear, and any obvious holes get patched.  

Let the engine run: Before you drive, it doesn't hurt to let the engine run for a minute or so if you suspect a creature lurking inside.  Not only is this better for your car, but the noise and heat may give the animals a sign to leave.  

Deterrents: Things like peppermint oil, citronella, chili powder, and even Irish spring soap can give an unappealing scent to any rodents wanting to make your car their new home. 

If you find any animals, we recommend using gloves and a mask to remove them properly.  For ultimate safety, there's no harm in calling animal control, especially for larger animals.  There's no foolproof to keep small rodents out of your vehicle, but with the proper steps, you can discourage them from entering.  If you believe you have damage from rodents, call a shop you can trust, like Ferber's Automotive and Body!