5 Signs of a failing fuel pump

5 Signs of a failing fuel pump

There are thousands of parts to the modern vehicle, all working harmoniously to get you where you need to go.  It argued the relationship between the engine and the fuel pump is one of the most important!  Changing over time from mechanical to primarily electrical the fuel pump moves gas from your fuel system to the engine.  The fuel moves from the tank through the fuel lines to the injectors that spray it onto the cylinders, where it then combusts.  Now that we understand how it works, what are some signs of failure?

1. Engine Sputtering: The fuel pump works with your engine to provide the right fuel for various situations.  Whether idling or pulling a load up a steep hill, the fuel pump has to provide the right amount of gas to get the job done.  If the engine is getting an improper amount of fuel, you'll begin to notice hesitation from your engine and lack power when you need it.

2. Overheating: Going hand in hand with the first symptom, if the fuel pump fails to give the engine the right amount of gasoline, the engine can get overworked, leading to a rise in temperature.  This type of issue may even lead to the engine shutting off!

3. Low Fuel Efficiency: In some circumstances, the fuel pump may send too much gas to the engine, burning through gas in the tank.  It's essential to keep an eye on the time and mileage between trips to fill up.  Any significant changes could be to a faulty fuel pump.   

4. Car Won't Start:  There are several reasons a car won't start; battery, starter, etc.  One of the first places you may look will be the fuel pump.  If the pump has failed, you won't be able to get gas to the combustion chamber to start your car.  

5. Fuel Tank Noise: This is more of a subtle sign, but the noise of your tank can give you important insight.  If you notice a loud wine coming from the side of your tank, this can be an indicator of a fuel pump issue.

None of these signs on their own mean that you instantly have fuel pump failure.  If you notice a couple of these happening simultaneously, it may be time for a deeper look.  Staying on top of the sights and sounds of your car will help you learn your vehicle, so if anything happens, you'll quickly recognize the changes.  Unsure if you have an issue?  Don't hesitate to find a shop you trust, like Ferber's Automotive and Body, that can help out!